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Luodis Lake
Luodis Lake is located in Lithuania
Luodis Lake
Luodis Lake
LocationZarasai, Lithuania
Coordinates55°34′42″N 26°12′8″E / 55.57833°N 26.20222°E / 55.57833; 26.20222Coordinates: 55°34′42″N 26°12′8″E / 55.57833°N 26.20222°E / 55.57833; 26.20222
Lake typeglacial
Primary inflowsŠventoji
Primary outflowsŠventoji
Basin countriesLithuania
Surface area13.2 km2 (5.1 sq mi)
Average depth6.7 m (22 ft)
Max. depth18.4 m (60 ft)
Shore length128.2 km (17.5 mi)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Luodis Lake is situated in Zarasai district municipality, Lithuania. It is the 6th largest lake in Lithuania. Lake contains two large islands. Town of Salakas is situated near the lake.


The length of the lake, measuring from North-East to South-West is 6.3 km, width is up to 4.4 km. Deepest place reaches 18.4 m. The lake has 2 bigger islands - Alaunė and Sadausko, and 2 smaller ones - Pilelė and Kanapinė. Total area of 4 islands is 17.8 ha.