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Coat of arms of the Lwów Land

Lwów Land (Polish: ziemia lwowska, Latin: Terra Leopoliensis) was an administrative unit (ziemia) of the Kingdom of Poland the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. With capital in the city of Lwów (today Lviv), it existed between 1340 and 1772. Regional Sejmiks for Lwow Land, Sanok Land and Przemysl Land took place in Sadowa Wisznia. Legal system of the Land was based on the Magdeburg Law.

Lwów Land, which was part of the Ruthenian Voivodeship, was divided into two counties - Lwów County and Żydaczów county. It sent six deputies to the Tribunal of the Crown of Poland and the land bordered Przemyśl Land and Sanok Land to the west, Belz Voivodeship to the north, and Halicz Land to the south. According to the 1676 royal report, in the Lwów Land there were 42 towns and 618 villages.


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