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Lyn Harris is a British independent perfumer who created the fragrance lines Miller Harris[1] and Perfumer H.[2]

Harris grew up in Yorkshire and Scotland.[2] She trained in perfumery with Monique Schlienger in Paris[3] and then worked with Robertet in Grasse.[4] In 2000, Harris created the Miller Harris perfume and candle line with her partner Christophe Michel,[2] and became known for fragrances like L'Air de Rien (originally created as a bespoke fragrance for Jane Birkin) and [5] Citron Citron,[6] London-based private equity fund Neo Capital took a stake in the company in 2012[7] and in 2014 Harris left Miller Harris and turned her focus to a new venture, Perfumer H, which she launched in July 2015.[2]


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