Lyneham Longbarrow

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Lyneham Longbarrow
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Lyneham Longbarrow is located in Oxfordshire
Lyneham Longbarrow
Location in Oxfordshire
Location Lyneham, Oxfordshire
Coordinates 51°53′14″N 1°34′09″W / 51.88721°N 1.56914°W / 51.88721; -1.56914Coordinates: 51°53′14″N 1°34′09″W / 51.88721°N 1.56914°W / 51.88721; -1.56914
Type Long barrow
Periods Neolithic

Lyneham Longbarrow (grid reference SP297210) is a long barrow near Lyneham, Oxfordshire. It is beside the A361 road. Just nine metres from the barrow mound is a standing stone.


Lyneham barrow stands on a ridge overlooking valleys to the northwest and southeast.[1] The long barrow mound is 52 metres long, 19 metres wide and stands up to 1.75 metres high.[1] Next to it is a weathered sandstone megalith 1.8 metres in height above ground level, 2.0 metres in width and 0.5 metres thick.[1] The stone may have been part of a facade of standing stones.[1]


The barrow was excavated in 1894. The excavations located two chambers on the southeast side of the mound and at least one of these contained bone fragments, pottery and charcoal.[1] Also found were two Anglo-Saxon burials which had been cut into the top of the existing mound.[1]


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