Lysurus cruciatus

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Lysurus cruciatus
2011-08-28 Lysurus cruciatus 168136.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Phallales
Family: Phallaceae
Genus: Lysurus
Species: L. cruciatus
Binomial name
Lysurus cruciatus
(Lepr. & Mont.) Henn. (1902)
  • Aserophallus cruciatus Lepr. & Mont. (1845)[1]
  • Lysurus australiensis Cooke & Massee (1889)[2]
  • Anthurus australiensis (Cooke & Massee) E.Fisch. (1893)
  • Anthurus cruciatus (Lepr. & Mont.) E.Fisch. (1900)
  • Lysurus cruciatus var. nanus Calonge & B.Marcos (1991)
  • Lysurus cruciatus var. nanus Calonge & B.Marcos (2000)

Lysurus cruciatus is a species of fungus in the stinkhorn family. It was first described scientifically in 1845 by French botanists François Mathias René Leprieur and Camille Montagne as Aserophallus cruciatus. German mycologist Paul Christoph Hennings transferred it to the genus Lysurus in 1902.[3] Its fruit bodies feature a white, cylindrical tube supporting a cluster of hollow, reddish pointed arms whose surface is covered with foul-smelling spore mass, or gleba. The gleba is brownish to greenish in color, and contains spores with dimensions of 3–4 by 1.5–2 µm.[4]


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