Lake Mácha

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Lake Mácha
Máchovo jezero.JPG
Location Liberec Region
Coordinates 50°34′59″N 14°38′59″E / 50.58306°N 14.64972°E / 50.58306; 14.64972Coordinates: 50°34′59″N 14°38′59″E / 50.58306°N 14.64972°E / 50.58306; 14.64972
Type artificial lake
Basin countries Czech Republic
Surface area 2.84 km2 (1.10 sq mi)
Surface elevation 266 m (873 ft) above sea level

Lake Mácha (Czech: Máchovo jezero) is an artificial lake (fish pond) (now 2.84 km²) in the Liberec Region of the Czech Republic, near Doksy and Bezděz Castle.

During Cenozoic a large lake existed at this site (as a remnant of an older sea). During the last Ice Age the lake drained away, leaving only a peat bog. Between 1366 and 1367 Charles IV ordered a large pond to be established here.

Its older name was Velký rybník ('Big Pond', or in German Großteich) or Hirschberský rybník ('Big Hirschberg Pond', or in German Hirschberger Großteich). Its current name was established after 1945, officially since 1961. The name refers to the romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha.

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