Máenach mac Fíngin

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Máenach mac Fíngin (died 661)[1] was a King of Munster from the Eóganacht Chaisil branch of the Eoganachta. He was the son of Fíngen mac Áedo Duib (died 618), a previous king.[2] His mother was Mór Muman (died 636), daughter of Áed Bennán mac Crimthainn of the Loch Lein.[3] He succeeded Cúán mac Amalgado as king in 641[4] The annals provide no details of his reign. His son Aillil was father of a later king of Munster Cormac mac Ailello (died 713).


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Máenach mac Fíngin
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Cúán mac Amalgado
King of Cashel
c. 641 – 661
Succeeded by
Cathal Cú-cen-máthair