Mädchenkantorei Limburg

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Mädchenkantorei am Hohen Dom zu Limburg
Limburg an der Lahn-Dom-Inneres von Westen-20120704.jpg
Interior of the Limburg Cathedral
OriginLimburg, Hesse, Germany
Founded1971 (1971)
GenreGirls' choir
Chief conductorJudith Kunz

Mädchenkantorei Limburg (Limburg Girls' Choir), officially Mädchenkantorei am Hohen Dom zu Limburg (Girls' Choir of the High Cathedral at Limburg) is a girls' cathedral choir at the Limburg Cathedral in Limburg, Hesse, Germany. The choir was founded in 1971 by Hans Bernhard. The choir's main task is singing in services at the Limburg Cathedral. The choir also performs in other services and concerts. Their repertoire covers all eras of classical music, but has a focus on contemporary music.


The Mädchenkantorei was founded by Domkapellmeister Hans Bernhard in 1971 and is thus one of the oldest girls' choirs in German cathedrals. The primary purpose of the choir is to sing during services at Limburg Cathedral. They perform there monthly, while other services are sung by Limburger Domchor and the Limburger Domsingknaben. The choir also performs in services within and without the Diocese of Limburg, and performs concerts. Their repertoire spans eras from Gregorian chant via Baroque music, the Classical period, Romantic music to contemporary music.[1]

The conductor is Domchordirektorin, Judith Kunz.[2] Girls may join the choir from the last year of Kindergarten, and receive a thorough musical education until they finish school. The girls rehearse at four levels. From fifth school year, they are trained at the highest level in the A Choir, or chamber choir (Kammerchor). At this level, the girls perform internationally, putting on concerts in Austria, France, England, Italy, Sweden and the United States, and taking part in competitions.[1] In 1917, they achieved the first prize in their category: girls' and youth choirs, equal voices aged 12 to 22 (Mädchen und Jugendchöre, gleiche Stimmen, 12-22 Jahre).[3]

In February 2019, the choir sang a program of sacred contemporary music together with the women's choir Carpe Diem at Limburg Cathedral.[2][4] They performed works by Ola Gjeilo, Thomas Jennefelt, Arvo Pärt, Imant Raminsh, Enjott Schneider and Joan Szymko,[4] some accompanied by cello and marimba.[2]

Among former choir members is soprano Julia Kleiter.[5]


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