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Directed by Detlev Buck
Produced by Claus Boje
Screenplay by Detlev Buck,
Eckhard Theophil
Starring Til Schweiger
Detlev Buck
Marie Bäumer
Heike Makatsch
Leander Haußmann
Music by Detlef Petersen
Cinematography Slawomir Idziak
Edited by Peter R. Adam
Boje Buck Produktion GmbH
Distributed by Central Film
Release date
February 1, 1996
Running time
96 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Männerpension (Jailbirds in English) is a 1996 German comedy film directed by Detlev Buck.


Prison warden Dr. Fazetti (Leander Haußmann) is confident about having found a striking new concept for the rehabilitation of prisoners by offering them the chance to take a break from their sentence if only they can find a trustworthy woman who takes care of them and vouches for them. The convicts Steinbock (Til Schweiger) and Hammer-Gerd (Detlev Buck) succeed in doing so. However, since they are tough guys stamped by prison fights they have their issues when it comes to discipline and it is particularly hard for them to have a lady as boss. However, Steinbock falls in love with Emilia (Marie Bäumer) and Hammer-Gerd promotes Maren's career as a singer. (Heike Makatsch, who played Maren, would later in 2009 play the German actress and singer Hildegard Knef in a biopic called Hilde.) Eventually they have go back behind bars but Emilia and Maren are now waiting for them.


The film was awarded a Bambi and a Jupiter as best German film of the year. Heike Makatsch, a TV presenter in her first role, was given a Bavarian Film Award as best actress. The film also received a Goldene Leinwand (Golden Screen) for its results at the German box offices.

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