Mór Than

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The native form of this personal name is Than Mór. This article uses the Western name order.
Mór Than
Than Mór
Contemporaneous etching of Mör Than, by Rusz Károly
Contemporaneous etching of Mör Than,
by Rusz Károly (hu)
Born Than Mór
(1828-06-19)June 19, 1828
Died March 11, 1899(1899-03-11) (aged 70)
Nationality Hungarian

Mór Than (Óbecse, 19 June 1828 –Trieszt, 11 March 1899) was a Hungarian painter.

Born at Óbecse, he was educated in Italy and Vienna beside his cooperation with similar famous painters in his homeland. He worked in a realistic – pre-impressionist style. His subjects were mostly historic events and portraits but also mythological or fantasy themes. His painted frescos which decorate several prominent public buildings in Budapest.

Mór Than also designed the first Hungarian postage stamp in 1848,[1] but it was never used because Hungary remained part of the Austrian Empire in that time, after the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.


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