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Městský stadion v Ostravě-Vítkovicích
Ostrava-Vítkovice stadium.jpg
LocationOstrava, Czech Republic
Coordinates49°48′15.53″N 18°15′21.46″E / 49.8043139°N 18.2559611°E / 49.8043139; 18.2559611Coordinates: 49°48′15.53″N 18°15′21.46″E / 49.8043139°N 18.2559611°E / 49.8043139; 18.2559611
OpenedMay 30, 1941
FC Vítkovice
FC Baník Ostrava
Czech Republic national football team

Městský stadion v Ostravě-Vítkovicích is a multi-purpose stadium in Ostrava-Vítkovice, Czech Republic. Used primarily for football, it is the home stadium of FC Vítkovice and FC Baník Ostrava. It also hosts the annual Golden Spike Ostrava athletics meeting. The stadium holds 15,123 spectators. It hosted the 2018 IAAF Continental Cup.

International matches[edit]

Městský stadion has hosted two competitive and two friendly matches of the Czech Republic national football team.

26 March 1996 International Friendly Czech Republic  3–0  Turkey Ostrava, Czech Republic
Match 527/19 Suchopárek 14'
Kuka 59' (pen.), 90'
Report Stadium: Městský Stadion
Attendance: 10,828
Referee: Ihring (Slovakia)
13 November 2015 International Friendly Czech Republic  4–1  Serbia Ostrava, Czech Republic
Match 752/244 Sivok 17'
Necid 63' (pen.)
Krejčí 82'
Zahustel 90'
Report Škuletić 78' Stadium: Městský Stadion
Attendance: 14,975
Referee: Vnuk (Slovakia)
11 October 2016 2018 FIFA World Cup
Group C
Czech Republic  0–0  Azerbaijan Ostrava, Czech Republic
20:45 CEST (UTC+02) FIFA report Stadium: Městský Stadion
Attendance: 12,148
Referee: Jug (Slovenia)
2 September 2021 2022 FIFA World Cup
Group E
Czech Republic  1–0  Belarus Ostrava, Czech Republic
20:45 CEST (UTC+02) Barák 34' FIFA report Stadium: Městský Stadion
Attendance: 7,218
Referee: Jovanović (Serbia)


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