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Developer(s)Kazutaka Katoh
Stable release
7.475 / 23 November 2020; 22 months ago (2020-11-23)
Written inC
Operating systemUNIX, Linux, Mac, MS-Windows
TypeBioinformatics tool

In bioinformatics, MAFFT (for multiple alignment using fast Fourier transform) is a program used to create multiple sequence alignments of amino acid or nucleotide sequences. Published in 2002, the first version of MAFFT used an algorithm based on progressive alignment, in which the sequences were clustered with the help of the Fast Fourier Transform.[2] Subsequent versions of MAFFT have added other algorithms and modes of operation,[3] including options for faster alignment of large numbers of sequences,[4] higher accuracy alignments,[5] alignment of non-coding RNA sequences,[6] and the addition of new sequences to existing alignments.[7]

Steps of how to use MAFFT with other programs to view a MSA

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