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MBA Polymers
Founded1994; 25 years ago (1994) in the United States
FounderMichael Biddle

MBA Polymers is a recycling company[1] with operations globally that recovers plastics from end-of-life durable goods.[2]

Company history[edit]

MBA Polymers was founded in 1994 in the United States[3] by Mike Biddle.[4][5] The company specializes in recycling durable goods from waste streams such as electronics and auto-shredder residue.[1][6] MBA Polymers raised money to develop its technology for extracting and recycling plastic from many devices.[7]

Recycling process[edit]

Raw material arrives at MBA Polymers’ recycling facilities either shredded or as whole parts, often from other recyclers that do not handle plastic.[8] MBA works with manufacturers around the world to replace virgin plastics with MBA plastics in their new products.[2]

Global operations[edit]

Having opened its first recycling facility in 1994,[9] MBA Polymers also has build recycling plants in the UK and in China,[1][10] and has recently announced plans to relocate its research and development facilities from the United States to the United Kingdom.[11][12] In 2004 MBA Polymers created a joint venture with Guangzhou Iron and Steel Enterprises Holdings Ltd to establish its sustainable recycling operations in China.[13] MBA Polyers' operations in China now employ over 160 people. The company has invested USD$15million in the recycling plant.[13]

The company expanded its operations to Austria in 2006.[14]

MBA has more than 300 million lb/year of processing capacity in Europe,[14] China and the U.S. to turn waste into recycled plastics.[2]

MBA Polymers’ technology and patents are registered in Australia, Canada, China, Europe and USA. The patents are 100% owned by MBA Polymers Inc, including any improvements made at the plant level. The highly automated polymer separation technology developed and patented by MBA Polymers encompasses over 20 complex separation procedures to facilitate the recovery, purification and monetization of plastics by type and grade at attractive commercial economics.

The latest patent was issued on 17.01.2019 by the European Patent office is Nr EP14707916.4: Process and Requirement for the recovery of plastic from durable goods (ASR, ESR, WSR)


  • 2017: ‘Young Global Leaders Award for Circular Economy SME’ of the World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • 2014: Katerva Award [15]
  • 2007: World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer Award [16]
  • 2006: Tech Museum Tech Laureate Award for Environment [17]
  • 2002: The inaugural Thomas Alva Edison Award for Innovation[18]


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