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MC Pitman is a rapper and hip-hop producer from Coalville, Leicestershire, UK.

MC Pitman is the alter-ego of Styly Cee, a former Pirate Radio DJ based in Nottingham. Prior to creating Pitman, he was member of Lost Island, with another rapper called Frisco.

Pitman's music is a combination of American-style hip hop production, combined with humorous and satirical lyrics. He speaks with a prominent East Midlands English accent. Amongst his targets are UK group The Streets, pop rap and Tony Blair. He styles himself as a coal miner, and appears on stage and in videos dressed in a British Coal NCB Donkey Jacket, a hard hat with a lamp and a flask of tea. His face is often covered in coal dust.



  • It Takes A Nation of Tossers, Son Records, 2003
  • Pit Closure, Son Records, 2004
  • The Dirty Helmet Sessions, Son Records, 2008


  • "Phone Pitman 2" (7"), Son Records, 2002
  • "Witness The Pitness" (7"), Son Records, 2002
  • "It Takes Tea" (7"), Son Records, 2003
  • "Music Maker" (7"), Son Records, 2007

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