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MIT Teach Team
2013 National Wining celebration 1.JPG
Founded 2007
Current season ABU Robocon 2017, India
Team history

Won 3 out of last 4 times Represented India 4 out of last 6 times

At least Semi finalist 9 times in the past 10 years
Based in Pune
Owner(s) MIT Pune
President Prof P. B. Joshi
Head coach Mrs Savita Kulkarni
Championships 2010, 2012, 2013
Division titles

Runner-up 2008 nationals, Misumi award International 2008, Semi-finalists at the nationals, 2010 National Winner, Best Innovative design 2010, Prof. Balakrishna Memorial award 2010, Semi-finalists 2011 nationals,Winner 2012, Fastest job completing robot Award 2012, Prof. Balakrishna Memorial Award 2012, Mabuchi Motor Award 2012 Internationals, Winner 2013 Robocon India,

Prof. Balakrishna Memorial Award 2013
Mascot We are born with the wings and we prefer to fly.

MIT Robocon Tech team is a group of engineering students of Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune. They work systematically for a year before the competition Robocon India. MIT Tech Team have represented India 4 times on international platform ABU Robocon in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2013. The MIT Tech Team is known for its consistent stellar performance by being at least semi-finalist 9 times in the past 10 years.


Robocon India 2013[edit]

The theme for Robocon 2013 declared by Vietnam, "The Green Planet". It was won by MIT Tech Team from MIT Pune.[1]

Robocon India 2012[edit]

The Theme for Robocon 2012 was declared by Hong Kong, "Peng On Dai Gat". It was won by MIT Tech Team from MIT Pune.[2]

Robocon India 2010[edit]

Robocon 2010 Winner: MIT, Pune

The Theme for Robocon 2010 was declared by Egypt was Robo-Pharaohs Build Pyramids. It was won by MIT Tech Team from MIT Pune.[3]

Robocon India 2008[edit]

MIT Teach team at Robocon India 2008

The Theme for Robocon2008 was declared by India was Govinda, a traditional Indian Deity who used to play earthly games by capturing Butter/Cheese from heads of Gopis. It was won by Institute of Technology, Nirma University. MIT Tech Team was runner-up. Both team got to represent India in ABU Robocon as host country gets to be represented by two teams.[4]

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