MKC Networks

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MKC Networks
Industry Telecommunications
Headquarters Ottawa, Canada
Products SIP equipment

MKC Networks was a privately owned supplier of VoIP (Voice over IP) equipment and software components headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It designed and sold a family of SIP-based products including advanced SIP Enterprise Application Servers and scalable communication platforms.[1]

MKC Networks bought certain SIP intellectual property in 2003 from a company called Mitel Knowledge.[citation needed] Mitel Knowledge was created to hold the intellectual property of Mitel Networks.[citation needed] Through some internal exploratory R&D work, it evolved into a supplier of SIP-based equipment.

The intellectual property of Mitel Networks was returned to that company's ownership in 2003.[citation needed]

MKC Networks was acquired by NewHeights Software on September 1, 2006.[2] In 2007, NewHeights was acquired by CounterPath Corporation.[3]


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