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Midland Railway of Western Australia
C class
C16, Midland Junction, before 1949.jpg
C16 in the MRWA yard at Midland Junction.
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder Kitson & Co.,
Leeds, England
 • Whyte 4-6-2
 • UIC 2'C1'
Gauge 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Driver dia. 4 ft 1 in (1,245 mm)
Loco weight 77 long tons (78 t; 86 short tons) (original)
77.14 long tons (78.38 t; 86.40 short tons) (superheated)
 • Firegrate area
21.14 sq ft (1.964 m2)
Boiler pressure 160 psi (1,100 kPa)
Cylinder size 16.5 in × 22 in (419 mm × 559 mm)
Performance figures
Power output 660 hp (490 kW)
Tractive effort 15,646 lbf (69.60 kN) (original)
16,634 lbf (73.99 kN) (superheated)
Number in class 5
Numbers C11 - C15 (original)
C14 - C18 (later)
First run 1958

The MRWA C class was a class of steam locomotives built by Kitson & Co. in Leeds, England, for the Midland Railway of Western Australia (MRWA). The class's wheel arrangement was 4-6-2. The five members of the class entered service in 1912 and worked on the MRWA until the 1950s.[1]

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