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MT Højgaard
Private company
Industry Construction, Civil engineering
Founded 2001
Headquarters Søborg, Denmark
Key people
Helge Israelsen, (Chairman)
Torben Biilmann, (CEO)
Revenue 1,305 million (2012)[1]
(68) million (2012)[1]
(69) million (2012)[1]
Number of employees
4,700 (2012)

MT Højgaard is a major Danish construction company created by the merger of Højgaard & Schultz with Monberg & Thorsen in 2001.


Højgaard & Schultz was founded by Knud Højgaard and Sven Schultz in 1918 and Monberg & Thorsen was founded by Axel Monberg and Ejnar Thorsen in 1919.[2] One of the first major projects undertaken by Højgaard & Schultz was the construction of the Port of Gdynia in Poland which was completed in 1935.[2] Monberg & Thorsen also established its reputation as a civil engineering business in 1935 with the opening of the Little Belt Bridge.[3] Monberg & Thorsen was later involved in the Pont de Normandie in France completed in 1995[4] and the Millennium Bridge in London completed in 2000.[5] The two companies worked together on the construction of the Farø Bridges completed in 1985, on the Great Belt Fixed Link completed in 1998 and then on the Øresund Bridge completed in 2000.[2]

Højgaard & Schultz merged with Monberg & Thorsen to form MT Højgaard in 2001.[6]

The Hardanger Bridge being built by MT Højgaard


The business is organised as follows:[7]

  • MT Højgaard - civil engineering, construction and refurbishment
  • Ajos - leasing of plant & equipment
  • Enemerke & Peterson - refurbishment and new build
  • Lindpro - electrical work
  • Scandi BYG - industrial modular buildings
  • Seth - marine works in Portugal and Africa

The business has been developing the Lincs Wind Farm off the UK.[8] The business is still owned 54% by Højgaard A/S and 46% by Monberg & Thorsen A/S both of which holding companies are listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.[9]

Major projects[edit]

Major projects carried out by the company since the merger include the Nuuk Center in Greenland completed in 2012.[10] The company is currently building the Hardanger Bridge in Norway due to complete in 2013.[11]


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