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MTS-255 WS.jpg
Side view of MTs255
Place of originRussia
Production history
DesignerTsKIB SOO
Mass3.7 kg (12)/ 3.4 kg (20)/ 3.3 kg (28)/ 3.1 kg (32, .410)
Length1115 mm (12)/ 1065 mm (20, 28, 32, .410)
Barrel length755 mm (12)/ 705 mm (20, 28, 32, .410)

Cartridge12, 20, 28, 32 gauge, .410 bore
Feed system5 rounds
SightsIron sights
With action open
MTs255-12 - The police version

The MTs255 (Russian: МЦ255) is a Russian shotgun fed by a 5-round internal revolving cylinder. It is produced by the TsKIB SOO[1], Central Design and Research Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Arms.

The MTs255 is unique in that the forearm extends nearly all the way back to the cylinder. The shotgun is reloaded in a manner consistent with that of most modern revolvers, by unlocking the cylinder, and swinging it away from the frame to the left and down.


  • MTs255 (МЦ255) - civilian version, has a permanent wooden butt and fore-end. The guns are available in 12, 20, 28 and 32 gauges, and .410 bore[1]. At present, it is not commercially available, only parts are available on request.
  • MTs255-12 (МЦ255-12) - police version (for ammunition 12/70 and 12/76), designed for law enforcement and security agencies, is distinguished by accessories made of black plastic, folding stock and a "Picatinny rail" bar for attaching sighting devices.


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