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MVP (also known as Most Valuable Playas) is a hip hop act from New York. The line-up of the group featured an R&B singer from The Bronx, Vice Verse (a.k.a. Victor Matos); MC Stagga Lee (a.k.a. Eric Newman); and Robert Clivillés (a.k.a. Rob Dinero/Rich Kid).[1]

The group released two albums, Stagga Lee presents MVP (Casablanca/Universal Records, 2003) (when the line-up contained four more members: Mighty Max, Jasmine Ray, J.R.X.L. and Fatts Bronston[2]) and Hip Hop, Clubs, Girls & Life Vol. 1 (Positiva/EMI Records, 2006).[1]

The group's debut single, called "Roc Ya Body (Mic Check 1, 2)," was a hit in Europe. "Roc Ya Body (Mic Check 1, 2)" reached #5 in the United Kingdom in July 2005.[3] "Bounce, Shake, Move, Stop!" was the second single released, and reached #22 in the UK Singles Chart and #43 in the Irish Singles Chart in 2006.[4] The group has released no further singles.[1]

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