MV Cape Wrath (T-AKR-9962)

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SS Cape Wrath 1.jpg
Cape Wrath underway
United States
Name: MV Cape Wrath
Owner: Grace Marine Co. S.A.
Builder: Stocznia im Komuny Partyskiej, Gdynia, Poland (now Stocznia Gdynia)
Completed: 1982
Acquired: 7 April 1993
Renamed: Cape Wrath, 3 March 1994
Status: laid in a layberth at Baltimore, MD. in ROS-5 status
General characteristics
Class and type: Cape W-class Roll-on/Roll-off
Displacement: 53,652 long tons
Length: 697 feet
Beam: 105 feet 11 inches
Draft: 38 feet
Propulsion: Diesel, single propeller
Speed: 14.9 knots
Range: Not Disclosed
Complement: 27 civilian mariners
Armament: none
Armor: none
Aircraft carried: none

MV Cape Wrath was originally built as a commercial ship in 1982 and sold to the Grace Marine Company, It served as a merchant ship until it was purchased by the US Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration on 7 April 1993. From there it was later transferred to the Maritime Administrations Ready reserve fleet and assigned to Maryland. Since then it has been activated to serve in bringing vehicles and supplies to Europe where they are air lifted to troops engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan.

SS Cape Wrath underway

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