MV Lequime

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MV Lequime
Fintry Queen -March 14th 2011.jpg
Fintry Queen – 14 March 2011
  • Lequime
  • Fintry Queen
Completed: 1947
General characteristics
Type: Ferry

MV Lequime was a ferry that operated on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. The most well-known of the long line of ferries on the lake, Lequime was built in 1947 and was later called Fintry Queen. Plans for the construction of Lequime began on May 1, 1946 and she was built in a fashion similar to the earlier MV Pendozi.[1] Later, a paddle wheel was added to the stern during a renovation.[2] Lequime carried cars and freight between the communities of Kelowna and Westbank with two other boats, MV Lloyd-Jones and Pendozi.[3] However, the three struggled to carry the increasing load, especially after the construction of the Okanagan Lake Bridge in 1958.[4] After retirement, Lequime was used as a restaurant and for Okanagan Lake cruises.[2]

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