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Mauke (Ma'uke also Akatokamanava) is an island of the Cook Islands archipelago, lying in the central-southern Pacific Ocean. Its geography is characterised by a central volcanic plateau, deep caves and lakes, as well as jagged fossilised coral which extends 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) inland.

Mauke has a population of 300.[1]

It is subdivided into four traditional districts. Vaimutu and Makatea are not further subdivided and correspond to one tapere each. Ngatiarua and Areora districts are subdivided into 6 and 3 tapere, respectively, totalling 11 tapere for the whole island: [2][3]

  • Ngatiarua District (north, subdivided into 6 tapere)
  • Vaimutu District (east, corresponds to 1 tapere)
  • Areora District (south, subdivided into 3 tapere)
  • Makatea District (west, corresponds to 1 tapere)


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Coordinates: 20°09′30″S 157°20′30″W / 20.1583°S 157.3417°W / -20.1583; -157.3417