Cook Islands Federation

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Cook Islands Federation
Location of Cook Islands
StatusBritish colony
CapitalAvarua (presumed)
Historical eraNew Imperialism
• Established
• Disestablished
ISO 3166 codeCK
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Rarotonga
Cook Islands

The Cook Islands Federation was created in 1891, after the Kingdom of Rarotonga was given the island of Aitutaki. It lasted until 1901, when it was given to New Zealand.[1]


The Cook Islands Federation was made up of the islands of Rarotonga, Mangaia, Atiu, Mauke, Mitiaro and Aitutaki.[citation needed]


A stamp issued by the Cook Islands Federation


The laws of the Cook Islands Federation were made by the local parliament, however, they had to receive approval from a Resident from Britain.[citation needed] In 1899, the Parliament of Cook Islands ruled that the high court of the Cook Islands Federation could not give any punishment worse than those outlined by the Criminal Code Act of 1893, and The Summary Jurisdiction Act of 1894, which were both laws of New Zealand, and that both acts of New Zealand were to be adopted entirely.[2]

Penal colonies[edit]

In 1892, the island of Takutea was set up as a penal colony, but in 1899 its use ceased, and the island of Manuae was used instead.[2]

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Coordinates: 21°12′S 159°46′W / 21.200°S 159.767°W / -21.200; -159.767