Ma Shenglin

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Ma Shenglin
Born Yunnan
Died 1871
Allegiance Pingnan Guo
Years of service 1872-1877
Rank general
Battles/wars Panthay Rebellion
Ma Shenglin
Traditional Chinese 馬聖鱗
Simplified Chinese 马圣鳞
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Ma.

Ma Shenglin was a Hui Jahriyya Sufi rebel who fought against the Qing dynasty in the Panthay Rebellion.

In the late 1860s, when Qing loyalist Muslim General Ma Rulong led the reconquest western Yunnan, Ma Shenglin defended town of Greater Donggou against Ma Rulong’s army in a battle of in central Yunnan. Ma Shenglin was a Jahriyya order leader in Yunnan and a rebel commander. Mortar fire killed Ma in 1871.[1]

Ma Shenglin was the great uncle of Ma Shaowu, a descendant of Ma Mingxin, and a relative of Ma Yuanzhang.


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