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MacScan icon
MacScan screenshot
MacScan running on Mac OS X v10.4
Developer(s), Inc.
Initial release 2016
Stable release
3 / January 13, 2016
Operating system Mac OS X
Type Spyware removal software
License Shareware

MacScan is an anti-malware utility for Apple's Mac OS X developed by SecureMac. It is aimed at removing malware (including spyware, Trojan horses, keystroke loggers, and tracking cookies). It was the first anti-spyware program released for Mac OS X. In addition, the application scans for remote administration programs, like Apple Remote Desktop, allowing users to verify that such programs are installed only with their authorization.

Unlike other anti-malware applications available for Mac OS X (and other systems), MacScan scans exclusively for malware that affects Macs, as opposed to scanning for all forms of known threats, which would include Windows malware. Given that there is considerably less Mac-based malware than Windows-based malware, MacScan's definition files are smaller and more optimized.

Full software and special tools[edit]

The full version of MacScan is available as shareware. A 30-day trial is available for free at the Developer's website for download.

MacScan started with discussion from the forums. It was developed in response to specific user concerns about malware. SecureMac was developed to keep the Mac platform secure by scanning for viruses and malware. In addition to selling their flagship product, SecureMac releases special-purpose removal utilities to the public free of charge when a threat might compromise the broader platform. Such releases have included:

These utilities remove only the particular threat they are designed to remove, but they are free.

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