Maccabi Tel Aviv

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Maccabi Tel Aviv
Full name Maccabi Tel Aviv Sport Club
מכבי תל אביב
Founded 1906
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Maccabi Tel Aviv (Hebrew: מכבי תל אביב‎‎) is one of the largest sports clubs in Israel, and a part of the Maccabi association. It runs many sports clubs and teams in Tel Aviv, which compete in a variety of sports, such as football, basketball, judo, swimming, handball, and others.


Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club[edit]

Main article: Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C.

Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C. is the titled club in Israeli football, and the most successful Israeli football club outside the country, having won the AFC Champions League twice. Its derby with city rivals Hapoel Tel Aviv is considered one of the most heated derbies in Israeli sports. Maccabi was the second Israeli club to reach the coveted group stage of the UEFA Champions League, and the only team in Israel to never been relegated from the Israeli league top division.

Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Club[edit]

Main article: Maccabi Tel Aviv B.C.

Maccabi "Fox" Tel Aviv B.C. is one of the most successful basketball clubs in Europe, having won the Euroleague competition six times, and been runner-up a further eight times.

MaccabI Tel Aviv (Handball) Club[edit]

The handball team of Maccabi Tel Aviv was founded in the 1930s, with the arrival of handball to Israel and was split initially to three different associations: Maccabi Tel Aviv North (which was one of Israel's most prominent handball team and won 3 Cups in a row, 1963-1965), Maccabi Tel Aviv and Soviet Maccabees. These associations united over the years under the name of Maccabi Tel Aviv. In 2013/2014 season Maccabi Tel Aviv win in the first champion in Israeli league.

Maccabi Tel Aviv/Maccabiah Swim Club[edit]

Established in 1989.

Maccabi Tel Aviv Volleyball Club[edit]

Maccabi Tel Aviv is a volleyball club which plays at the highest levels of Israeli volleyball. During the 2009–10 season, the team made Israeli volleyball history by going undefeated, winning both the Cup and the League Championship. The team is managed by Shraga Shemesh and is coached by Zohar Bar-Netser

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