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The Macgregor Baronetcy, of Savile Row in the County of Middlesex, is a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom.[1] It was created on 17 March 1828 for Patrick Macgregor, Serjeant-Surgeon to King George IV. Charles Reginald Macgregor (1847–1902), second son of the third Baronet, was a Brigadier-General in the Army.

Macgregor baronets, of Savile Row (1828)[edit]

  • Sir Patrick Macgregor, 1st Baronet (died 1828)
  • Sir William Macgregor, 2nd Baronet (1817–1846)
  • Sir Charles Macgregor, 3rd Baronet (1819–1879)
  • Sir William Gordon Macgregor, 4th Baronet (1846–1905)
  • Sir Cyril Patrick McConnell Mcgregor, 5th Baronet (1887–1958)
  • Sir Robert James McConnell Mcgregor, 6th Baronet (1890–1963)
  • Sir Edwin Robert Macgregor, 7th Baronet (1931–2003)
  • Ian Grant Macgregor, is the presumed 8th Baronet (born 1959).

Title is currently listed as Dormant.[2]


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