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Andrew Markley "Mack" Miller (born October 15, 1931) is a former American cross-country skier and trainer and a potato farmer. He represented the United States twice at the Winter Olympics.


Mack Miller studied at Western State College of Colorado. He represented the university in various cross-country skiing tournaments.[1]

Mack Miller was national champion cross country skiing of 1955[2] and represented the United States in the Winter Olympics of 1956 and 1960.[3][4]

In between, in 1958, he was the highest-ranked American cross-country skier in the Nordic Championship.[5] Along with Sven Johansson from Anchorage, Mack Miller was the most prominent American cross country skier of his era.[6] (Sven Johansson, however, could represent the United States only in the 1960 Olympics because of his naturalization process.)



Mack Miller was born in Salt Lake City. He is the son of the late children's fiction author Helen Markley Miller. Mack and his sport formed the inspiration for Mrs. Miller's sixth novel, Ski fast, ski long (1960). He is also featured in the 2012 book Brundage Mountain – Best Snow in Idaho by Eve Chandler.[8]

Mack Miller and his wife Rita live in Idaho. They engaged in potato farming. They have a son, Ralph, and a daughter, Karla.[9]