Madcap Mabel

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Madcap Mabel
Madcap Mabel poster.jpg
Poster for the film
Directed by Dena Schumacher
Written by Rudy Cecera
Starring Penelope Lagos
Rudy Cecera
Release date
  • 2010 (2010)
Running time
35 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Madcap Mabel is a 2010 dramatic 35-minute short film about a guilty reporter (played by Rudy Cecera) who had helped sensationalize the scandals that damaged the career of dying silent film comedian/writer/director Mabel Normand (Penelope Lagos).[1] The film depicts another of Charles Chaplin's leading ladies, Edna Purviance (Katie Maguire), as well as Normand's lover Mack Sennett (Ron Nummi) and young reporter Adela Rogers St. Johns (Elise Rovinsky), and was written by Cecera and directed by Dena Schumacher.


Penelope Lagos ... Mabel Normand
Rudy Cecera ... Charlie Craig
Katie Maguire ... Edna Purviance
Ron Nummi ... Mack Sennett
Ian Blackman ... Hamilton Perry
Brian Linden ... William Desmond Taylor
Elise Rovinsky ... Adela Rogers St. Johns
Elizabeth C. Taylor ... Julia Benson
Molly Maguire ... Mae Busch


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