Made in the Dirty South

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Made in the Dirty South
Studio album by The Calhouns
Released August 20, 2002 (US)
Genre Dirty South / Hip-Hop
Length N/A
Label Empire Musicworks
Producer Organized Noise

Made in the Dirty South is the debut album by The Calhouns, which was made up of Cool Breeze (born Frederick Bell) and two rappers from Sniper Unit.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Intro
  2. Slapped (+ Who Knockin' [Skit])
  3. RGDG
  4. Owe Me (+ Sista Calhoun [Skit])
  5. Outfits (+ Calhoun Kids [Skit])
  6. Street Life
  7. Old Nat'l (+ Sess Bowl [Skit])
  8. Lick Hitten
  9. Calhoun Music (+ Cry Baby [Skit])
  10. 9 Months
  11. Run It (+ Sista Calhoun [Skit])
  12. Country (+ The Look [Skit])
  13. 'Partments
  14. Some People
  15. Kingpinz (+ Flagman Outro [Skit])