Made in USA (Pizzicato Five album)

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Made in USA
Made in USA Pizzicato Five.jpg
Compilation album by Pizzicato Five
Released United States October 11, 1994
Genre Shibuya-kei
Length 45:12
Label Matador Records
Producer Maki Nomiya, Yasuharu Konishi, K-taro Takanami
Pizzicato Five chronology
Five by Five
Made in USA

Made in USA was Pizzicato Five's second release in the United States under the label Matador Records. Along with the preceding Five by Five EP, it introduced Pizzicato Five to a western audience. The compilation's title is a reference to the Japanese town of Usa, Ōita, and claims that products made in this town and exported to the US in the 1960s carried the label "MADE IN USA, JAPAN", in order to have an appearance of being "Made in USA".

Track listing[edit]

# Song Name Length Origin
1 "I" 1:51 This Year's Girl
2 "Sweet Soul Revue" 5:19 Bossa Nova 2001
3 "Magic Carpet Ride" 5:13 Bossa Nova 2001
4 "Readymade FM" 0:13 Extract of a track from Overdose.
5 "Baby Love Child" 3:32 This Year's Girl, re-recorded in English
6 "Twiggy Twiggy / Twiggy Vs. James Bond" 4:03 This Year's Girl
7 "This Year's Girl #2" 5:14 This Year's Model EP (under the title "This Year's Girl #1"), re-recorded in English.
8 "I Wanna Be Like You" 4:10 This Year's Girl (under the title "Y.O.U.")
9 "Go Go Dancer" 4:24 Bossa Nova 2001
10 "Catchy" 7:12 Sweet Pizzicato Five
11 "Peace Music" 3:51 Bossa Nova 2001