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Madeleine Jouye de Grandmaison, née Nol, (born January 27, 1938 in Le Morne-Rouge, Martinique) is a French politician and member of the Martinican Democratic Rally.

She has been a member of the regional council since the 1980s, representing first the Martinican Progressive Party (PPM) and,[1] since 2005, the new Martinican Democratic Rally led by Claude Lise (President of the General Council).

She became MEP on October 14, 2007 following the resignation of Paul Vergès.[2]

For the 2009 European elections, she was the top candidate in the Atlantic Section of the DOM-TOM constituency for the Overseas Alliance (Alliances des Outre-Mers) list led by Élie Hoarau.[3]

Grandmaison is also head of the Martinique Tourist Board.[4]


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