Overseas Territories of France (European Parliament constituency)

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Overseas Territories of France
European Parliament constituency
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Member state France
Created 2004
MEPs 3

In European elections, Overseas Territories of France is a constituency of the European Parliament. It consists of all the inhabited French overseas departments and collectivities (including the sui generis overseas territory of New Caledonia, but excluding the non-permanently inhabited overseas territories that have no registered voters), even if their territory is not part of the European Union: constitutionally, all French citizens are also granted the same European citizenship, consequently all of them are electing their representants in the European Parliament, independently of their area of residence.


According to the provisions of Law No. 2007-224 of 21 February 2007:

The Overseas Territories electoral constituency consists of three sections. Each list in this constituency has at least one candidate per section. [A] decree ... shall allocate seats in the constituency between the three sections. The sections are described as follows:

  1. Atlantic section: the three overseas departments of Guadeloupe, Guyane and Martinique, and the three overseas collectivities of Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin and Saint Pierre and Miquelon;
  2. Indian Ocean section: the two overseas departments of Mayotte and Réunion;
  3. Pacific section: the two overseas collectivities of French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna, and the special collectivity of New Caledonia.

Those eleven territories have different status with the European Union (none of them are part of the Schengen Area):

The legal currency in those overseas territories is the Euro since 1999 (before it was the French franc), including in OCTs (by special agreement with the European Union) except those in the Pacific section which still use the CFP franc (bound to the Euro by a special agreement between France and the European Union, but with a revokable rate of 8.38 EUR for 1,000 XPF).



European Election 2009: Overseas Territories
List Candidates Votes % ±
UMP Maurice Ponga
Marie-Luce Penchard, Yolaine Costes, Boris Chong-Sit, Véronique Papilio-Halagahu, Cyrille Melchior, Chantal Maignan, Tearii Alpha, Daourina Romouli
103,247 29.69 +4.37
Communist Party of Réunion Élie Hoarau
Madeleine de Grandmaison, Hirohiti Tefaarere, Maya Cesari, Georges Bredent, Caroline Machoro-Reignier, Younous Omarjee, Sergine Kokason, Makalio Folituu
73,110 21.01 -7.86
PS Patrice Tirolien
Ericka Bareigts, Catherine Neris, Keitapu Maamaatuaiahutapu, Abouchirou Said, Henri-Michel Pene, Kalala Kulifekai Dit Sako, Daniel Roneice, Denise Zettor
70,514 20.26 +1.21
Europe Écologie Harry Durimel, Rahiba Dubois, Vetea Jacques Bryant, Marie-Odile Walter, Ahamada Salime, Janine Arnell, Michel Dubouille, Marie Grondin, Maximilien Vaea Hauata 56,502 16.24 +7.61
MoDem Gino Ponin-Ballom, Nicole Bouteau, Max Orville, Sophia Hafidou, Raymond Esdras, Sandrine Ligatai, Thierry Robert, George Habran-Mery, Didier Leroux 32,322 9.29 -1.15
Libertas Erika Kuttner-Perreau, Yohan Noel, Arlette Gelanor, Jules Simana, Juliette Nubret, Vincent Sabattier, Hélène Gilot, Jean-André Senailles, Maguy Maurinier 10,015 2.88 +2.88
Europe–Democracy–Esperanto Jacques Etienne, Aline Mori, Vincent Jegat, Sandrine Voelcker, Georges Garnier, Sandrine Martin, Yves Le Prioux, Soana Duron, Patrick Neveux 1,537 0.44
CNIP Daniel Mugerin, Catherine Bouchy, Alain Chaumet, Annaïk Glanton, Thierry Abraham, Sylvie Blaise, Hervé Liechty, Michèle Morin, Patrick Cros 225 0.07
Alliance Royale Grégoire Andriantslama, Joëlle Corette, Patrice Joly, Sandrine Obadia, Albert Ventrillard, Dominique Fitremann, Vianney Gremmel, Patricia Favas, Népomucène Guiraud 127 0.05
Rally for the Citizens' Initiative Annie Marciniak, Roger Touron Renée Spanoudis, Jean-Michel Barreyre, Michèle Brun, Laurent Barreyre, Jeannine Fernandez, Pierre Savel, Colette Tinel 102 0.03
Independent Ecological Alliance Amandine Dalmasso, Roland Scaramozzino, Béatrix Arri, El Had Danouni, Joselane Palmers, Guy Hadji, Cécile Pinault, Jean-Marie Gautier, Sylvie Roy 95 0.03
Turnout 375,624 22.96


European Election 2004: Overseas Territories
List Candidates Votes % ±
Communist Party of Réunion Paul Vergès
Madeleine de Grandmaison, Paul Naprix, Nicole Moeabouteau
109,529 28.87
UMP Margie Sudre
Georges Puchon, Georges Servier, Jean-Marc Aimabl, Claudy Movrel, Mohamed Moustoifa
96,062 25.32
PS Jean-Claude Fruteau
Catherine Neris, Ateleno Moleana, Moimoudou Madi, Siliako Lauhea, Martine Vassuer
72,291 19.05
UDF Jean-Marcel Maran, Nalini Veloupoule, Jean-Yves Flejo, Marie-Laure Banisette, Adballah Hassani, Clodine Lacave 39,622 10.44
LV Harry Durimel, Brigitte Wyngaarde, Didier Baron, Isabelle Urban, Louis Léonce Lecurieux-Lafferronay, Gladys Lintz 32,760 8.63
FN Huguette Fatna, Guy George, Emmanuelle Monie, Hamada Oousseni, Alexandrine Hugron, Roger Rode 10,774 2.84
Far-left Ghislaine Joachim-Arnaud, Jean-Yves Payet, Danielle Diakok, Jean-Marie Nomertin, Angèle Laupa-Cledor, Didier Lombard 7,421 1.96
Rally of French Taxpayers Jean-Manuel Neves, Christine Miguet, Frédéric Lefevre, Viviane Allart 4,013 1.06
Rally for France Jean Jean-Joseph, Juliette Adonicam, Abraham Wamo Bole, Madeleine Etheve, Yvon Elisabeth-Flora, Maryse Taurus 3,119 0.86
Say No to Racism! Bernard Law Wai, Marie-Claire Sernont, Louis-David Ferblantier, Antoinette Souprayen Cataye 2,578 0.68
Better Living with Europe André Fages, Laurence Acitno, Achille Birba, Marie Nicole Valmy 1,179 0.31
Federalist Party Lionel Guinault, Anne Benoit, Roland Nativel, Anne Claeyssen 42 0.01
Socio-professional Party Francioli Dancrade, Danielle Elima, Sylvain Venumiere, Sophie Lambeaux 9 0.00
United France Séverine Lallouette, Gérard Combal, Nadine Ramos, Grégory Richarte 8 0.00
France from Below Nadine Dabancens Baillivet, Dominique Granjon, Béatrice Jouvenceau, Emmanuel Laurent 0 0.00
Turnout 379,407 27.77

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