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Madhuchhandhas Vaiśvāmitra
ChildrenAghamarsana, Jeta
Composed (1-10) Hymns in Mandala 1, Hymn 1 in Mandala 9 of Rigveda[1]
Composed (1-10) Hymns in Mandala 1, Hymn 1 in Mandala 9 of Rigveda[1]

Madhuchhandha (also known as Madhushchandhas Vaishvamitra) is a legendary sage mentioned in the Indian epics and mythology. A number of hymns in Rigveda are composed by him. He is the son of legendary sage Brahmarshi Vishvamitra.[2][3]

Madhuchanda had a mastery over Vedic literature and was also a great singer.[4]

Madhuchanda and the Rigveda[edit]

Madhuchhanda was the maker of the hymn to god Agni, with which the Rigveda begins. He composed 1-10 hymns in the Mandala 1 of Rigveda.[5]


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