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Madhuriputra was an Ahir[1] king from Yadav Rajputs.[2] The Nasik inscription speaks of king Madhuriputra Ishwarsena / Mathariputra Ishvarsena[3], the Abhir and a son of Shivadatta. This dynasty originated in AD 249-50, an era called Kalachuri or Chedi in later times. Some historians consider the Chutus to be a branch of the Satavahanas.[4] Historically, Ahirs founded Ahir Batak town (Ahrora) in Central Provinces and Ahirwada in Jhansi. Rudramurti Ahir, an Army General, who later became a king, Madhuriputr, Ishwarsena and Shivdatta[5] like well known kings of Ahir lineage mingled with Yadav Rajputs.[6]


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