Madriz Department

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Departamento de Madriz
Country Nicaragua
Capital Somoto
Area 1,602 km2 (619 sq mi)
Population 133,300 (2005)
ISO 3166-2 NI-MD

Madriz (Spanish pronunciation: [maˈðɾis]) is a department in Nicaragua. It covers an area of 1,602 km² and has a population of 133,300 (2005 census). The capital is Somoto.

Madriz was created from Nueva Segovia department in August 1936, and named after José Madriz.


  1. Las Sabanas
  2. Palacagüina
  3. San José de Cusmapa
  4. San Juan del Río Coco
  5. San Lucas
  6. Somoto
  7. Telpaneca
  8. Totogalpa
  9. Yalagüina

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Coordinates: 13°29′N 86°35′W / 13.483°N 86.583°W / 13.483; -86.583