Madurta railway station

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Location Madurta Avenue, Aldgate
Coordinates 35°01′00″S 138°43′34″E / 35.0167°S 138.726°E / -35.0167; 138.726Coordinates: 35°01′00″S 138°43′34″E / 35.0167°S 138.726°E / -35.0167; 138.726
Operated by State Transport Authority
Line(s) Adelaide-Wolseley
Distance 34.16 kilometres from Adelaide
Platforms 1
Tracks 1
Structure type Ground
Other information
Status Closed
Closed 23 September 1987
Preceding station   TransAdelaide   Following station
toward Adelaide
Bridgewater line
toward Bridgewater

Madurta railway station was located on the Adelaide-Wolseley line serving the Adelaide Hills suburb of Aldgate to the east of the Cricklewood Road level crossing.[1] It was located 34.1 km from Adelaide station.


It is unclear when the station was opened. It consisted of one 67 metre platform with a waiting shelter. The shelter shed was not located on the platform, instead being located between the platform and the level crossing.

The station closed on 23 September 1987, when the State Transport Authority withdrew Bridgewater line services between Belair and Bridgewater. Both the platform and shelter shed were removed around 1994 when the line had gauge-convertible concrete sleepers installed in readiness for conversion from broad to standard gauge the following year.


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South Australian Railways Working Timetable Book No. 265 effective 30 June 1974