Magellanic Premium

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Magellanic Gold Medal, front
Lyman James Briggs (left) and Paul R. Heyl with the medal, 1922

The Magellanic Premium, also known as the Magellanic Gold Medal and Magellanic Prize is awarded for major contributions in the field of navigation (whether by sea, air, or in space), astronomy, or natural philosophy.

The Premium was established in 1786 through a grant by Jean-Hyacinthe Magellan (Portuguese: João Jacinto de Magalhães). Benjamin Franklin, then President of the American Philosophical Society, accepted it and established the terms of reference under which it would be given.

In the 217 years since Magellan offered the Premium, the APS has awarded on only 33 occasions (as of 2008): twelve for navigation, twelve for natural philosophy, and eight for astronomy.

Recipients of the Magellanic Premium[edit]

Source: American Philosophical Society