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Memorial at Magersfontein to fallen Scandinavian soldiers from the Battle of Magersfontein

The Magersfontein[Note 1] /ˈmɑːxərsfɒntn/ battlefield is a site of the Battle of Magersfontein (11 December 1899), part of the Second Boer War in South Africa. The battlefield is located at 28°58′23″S 24°41′53.76″E / 28.97306°S 24.6982667°E / -28.97306; 24.6982667Coordinates: 28°58′23″S 24°41′53.76″E / 28.97306°S 24.6982667°E / -28.97306; 24.6982667 south of Kimberley, Northern Cape Province, South Africa and can be reached either via the airport road (31.5 km), or by national road via the Modder River (47.5 km).


  1. ^ Misspelt "Maaghersfontein" in some British texts