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The Maghreb Association of North America (MANA), also called Assembly of the Maghreb is a North African-American organization Chicago-based whose goal is help new immigrants from Maghreb (North Africa) to adapt to American life and maintain, in turn, the principles of Sunni Islam.[1] The organization was founded by Moroccan and Algerian immigrants [2] in 1989 [3] and meets to Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians people living in Chicago area. The Assembly connected to Maghrebis people of different economic conditions.[2]

Because most North African immigrants in Chicago have not been associated closely with the Muslim Middle East, the North Africans come together as a common community. Often, in relation to the area of the mosque, the organization has taught job skills, English language, the importance of Sirat al-Mustaqim and moderation, among other things. Have been trained women to balance paid work with traditional household chores.[1] In addition, the Assembly meeting new people arriving at O'Hare airport, and deliver them employment, housing, and schools, and teach them to use and manage the computer. Immigrants also have a mosque at the corner of Elston and Montrose Avenue. Also religious activities such as collective prayer and the feasts of Ramadan have an important role in the assembly.[2]

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