Magic Moon

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Magic Moon
Magic moon 1 cover.jpg
US cover
Author Wolfgang Hohlbein, Heike Hohlbein
Original title Märchenmond
Country Germany
Language German
Series Magic Moon
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Tokyopop
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 480 pp
ISBN 1-59816-452-X
OCLC 65341127
833/.92 22
LC Class PT2668.O3795 M3713 2006
Followed by Children of Magic Moon

Magic Moon (original title: Märchenmond, meaning "Fairy Tale Moon") is a young adult fantasy novel written by German authors Wolfgang and Heike Hohlbein in 1982.

The book was Hohlbein's first success as a writer and the starting point of his career as one of Europe's most well-known and prolific fantasy writers. It was published in over a dozen countries and sold more than two million copies, and became the first Hohlbein novel released in the English-speaking world in 2006.

Plot introduction[edit]

The novel tells the story of the land that people travel to when they dream, and how a young boy finds courage and strength in fighting, but also in accepting, his own deepest fears and nightmares.

Plot summary[edit]

Kim is an average German schoolboy who hates math but loves to read the latest copy of Star Fighter. His daydreaming life spirals into a nightmare when his parents inform him that his little sister Rebecca has fallen into a mysterious coma after her appendicectomy. A visitor from the realm of Magic Moon, the wizard Themistocles, tells him there is only one way to free her from the enchantment of eternal sleep: Kim himself must travel into the land of dreams and save her from the dark wizard Boraas, who has captured her soul.

So his next dream pulls Kim into Magic Moon, where he must fly a spaceship, disguise himself as a dark warrior, fight dangerous monsters and fantastical creatures, and journey ever-onward through forests and mountains to the end of the world, only to find out that the answer to saving Rebecca – and Magic Moon – lies within himself.


The story of the adventures of Kim Moon Magic continued on a second novel, Märchenmonds Kinder ("Children of Magic Moon") in 1990 and a third, Märchenmonds Erben ("Magic Heirs Moon") in 1998.

A new section, Die Zauberin von Märchenmond ("The Sorceress of Magic Moon"), published in Germany in 2005, features Rebekka, Kim's sister, as the new protagonist. Kim himself does not appear, as he is explained to be attending college at the time of the plot.

The newest release, Silberhorn ("Silver Horn"), was published in Germany in 2009.

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