Magic Storm Entertainment

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Magic Storm Entertainment
Industry Entertainment
Founded June 2011
Founder Stan Lee
Ricco Capital
Panda Media Partners
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA[1]
Key people
Stan Lee, Chairman Emeritus
Eric Mika, CEO[1]
Services Development
Owner Ricco Capital
Panda Media Partners
(POW! &
Fidelis Entertainment)

Magic Storm Entertainment is an entertainment company to develop material for the Asia markets. Magic Storm partners are Ricco Capital and Panda Media Partners, a joint venture of POW! and Fidelis Entertainment.


Magic Storm Entertainment was formed as a partnership by Ricco Capital and Panda Media Partners, a joint venture of POW! Entertainment and Fidelis Entertainment, in June 2011 to produce material for Asia.[1][2] In December, Magic Storm announced screenwriter Dan Gilroy has sign on to write "The Annihilator" (working title) based on a treatment acquired from POW![3]

In June 2012, Chinese state-run National Film Capital, a entertainment industry fund management company, announced it initial feature film co-production slate with Magic Storm's "The Annihilator" at the top of the list.[4][5]

Production library[edit]

Title Year(s) Type Production
Distributor notes
"The Annihilator" (working title)[3] TBA Film National Film Capital[4] Dan Gilroy, writer[5]
Barry Josephson, producer[6]


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