Magical Twilight

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Magical Twilight
Genre Magical girl, Hentai
Original video animation
Directed by Toshiaki Kobayashi (1 & 2), Toshiaki Komura (3)
Studio AIC
Licensed by
Released 1995
Runtime 35 minutes
Episodes 3
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Magical Twilight (マジカルトワイライト) is a hentai manga created by Yuuki. It was animated as an OVA series by AIC and releases by Pink Pineapple in Japan. It has been licensed for North American publication by ADV Films under SoftCel Pictures.


Tsukasa Tachibana is taking his final exams for the third time, but little does he know is that he's the test for three witches, and things go from bad to worse!


  • Tsukasa Tachibana: Tsukasa is the main focus of Magical Twilight. He is chosen by a sorcery school as a test subject and three witches must somehow complete their task or face expulsion. He eventually falls in love with Chipple.
  • Chipple: Chipple may look like a young girl, but is an accomplished White Witch. The school ordered her to have Tsukasa love her in a good sense. Chipple falls in love with Tsukasa, and he with her. Technically, she had completed her final exam, but in the end remains on Earth with Tsukasa.
  • Irene: Irene is a seductive siren and Chipple's school rival who has been ordered to make Tsukasa her love slave and snare him for herself. She fails in this regard, but still helps Chipple gain the love of Tsukasa.
  • Liv: Liv is a Black Witch from a rival school who's ordered to kill Tsukasa before Irene and Chipple can complete their assignment. She only appeared in the first episode and decides to give up being a Black Witch after she is seduced by Tsukasa's classmate.
  • Minori: Minori is the 18-year-old daughter of the landlady that runs the hot-spring that Tsukasa and Chipple visit in episode 2. She is losing faith in her mom's love, and is looking for it in "other" places!


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