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F³: Frantic, Frustrated & Female
F3 (Nageki no Kenko Yuryoji).jpg
Cover of the DVD release of F³: Frantic, Frustrated & Female
(Nageki no Kenkō Yūryōji)
Genre Comedy
Original video animation
Directed by Masakazu Akan
Written by Wanyan Aguda
Studio AIC
Pink Pineapple
Licensed by
Critical Mass
SoftCel Pictures (original licensee)
Released 1994
Runtime 90 minutes
Episodes 3
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F³: Frantic, Frustrated & Female (嘆きの健康優良児, Nageki no Kenkō Yūryōji, lit. The Sorrow of a Perfectly Healthy Girl) is a hentai manga series by Wanyan Aguda, which debuted in 1998 and spanned 5 volumes. The story centers on a 17-year-old girl named Hiroe Ogawa who has difficulty achieving orgasm.[1] Three OVAs were produced by AIC and Pink Pineapple and were released in 1994. The OVAs originally released in North America by SoftCel Pictures, a division of ADV Films,[2] and later re-released as F3: Ménage À Trois, an obvious group sex reference. Recently, had been re-licensed by Critical Mass under its original title when ADV Films closed their hentai line.

F³ was followed by two sequels, and their translations into English highlight some of the difficulties faced in translating adult entertainment materials between two countries with very different laws and mores on the subject: in the first 25-minute episode, Hiroe's attempts to achieve orgasm are assisted by her older sister Mayaka, and include an encounter with their mother, Yayoi. In the two sequels, translator's notes insist that Mayaka and Yayoi are actually Hiroe's neighbor and landlady, respectively, whom she just happens to have nicknamed "Sis" and "Mom."

Main characters[edit]

  • Hiroe Ogawa 小川広恵 - The titular girl of the film. She tries hard to achieve orgasm with her boyfriend, but always fails. She usually resorts to hypnosis, masturbation, lesbian sex, and was possessed by a horny succubus. Her blue hair often gets her mistaken for Ami Mizuno of Sailor Moon fame. Voice Actress: (JP) Yumi Takada/(EN) Amanda Winn Lee, credited as Helen Bed in the original SoftCel dub/Whitney Thompson in the new Critical Mass DVD.
  • Mayaka 真弥華 - Hiroe's "older sister" (younger of the neighbors). Mayaka always tries to help Hiroe with her "problem" pulling out all the stops. During the first episode, she used hypnosis to help Hiroe achieve orgasm by simply touching her. That plan was later scrubbed for Episode 2. Voice Actress: (JP) Arisa Andō/(EN) Tiffany Grant, credited as Lucy Moralez in the original SoftCel dub/Kelly Benz in the new Critical Mass DVD.
  • Yayoi 弥生 - Hiroe and Mayaka's landlord whom they refer to as "mother". She has a closet full of S & M gear, whips and sexual toys. The kanji in Yayoi's name is the same for the old archaic name of March on the Japanese calendar. Voice Actress: (JP) Miho Yoshida/(EN) Marcy Rae, credited as Verlinda Petme in the original SoftCel dub/Hentai Mona in the new Critical Mass DVD.
  • Takami Oide 大出貴美 - Hiroe's misandronistic classmate from high school and an open lesbian. Takami appeared in episode 2 putting the moves on Hiroe underwater at the pool, then appeared at her house with two other lesbians. Takami also had a crush on Mayaka in episode 2 and was the first victim of rape in episode 3 from an incubus possessing Hiroe's body. Voice Actress: (JP) Masami Toyoshima/ (EN) Bella Pussi in the Critical Mass DVD.
  • Sumio 純雄 - Hiroe's boyfriend from high school. Hiroe and Sumio have been going out for a long time and are sexually active when alone. Sumio's not into sports as much as Hiroe is, but he loves to have a good time. Hiroe felt a little pain when she had sexual intercourse with Sumio six months ago, and vowed to finally achieve orgasm with him. Voice Actor: Christopher Bowen in the Critical Mass DVD.

Minor characters[edit]

  • The Fortune-teller - Appeared in Episode 1. She was referred by Mayaka to help out Hiroe, but upon her reading, she felt spirits possessing her driving her insane with fear and lust. Voice Actress: (EN) Marcy Rae, credited as Verlinda Petme in the original SoftCel dub.
  • The Professor - Appeared in Episode 1. He was a researcher at a top Japanese laboratory who was recently working on "The Ultimate Sex Machine" and used Hiroe as a test subject. To his dismay, Hiroe didn't climax and the laboratory was in shambles leaving the professor severely injured in the blast.
  • Takami's Friends - Appeared in Episode 2. Neither of them had name. They ganged up on Hiroe on Takami's command, but were quickly disposed of by Yayoi using rapid-fire anal sex with a leather suit.
  • Mia Chigusa 千草魅亜 - Appeared in Episode 3. The 24-hour exorcist who is a futanari. He/She dealt with the succubus trapped in Hiroe's body while Yayoi electrocuted Hiroe with a super-charged vibrator in order to exorcise the demon. The succubus left Hiroe's body and was sealed in a giant rubber blow-up doll.


Episode 1
Hiroe becomes depressed that she cannot reach orgasm, so Mayaka tries to help her out, but to no avail. Mayake then resorts to hypnotism, which turns out to be a bit too successful as Hiroe climaxes instantly whenever Mayaka touches her. However, she is still unable to climax otherwise, so Mayaka tries some other methods, one of then turning out to be a crazy scientist. In the end though, only Mayaka's touch is able to make Hiroe climax.
Episode 2
Hiroe is seduced by Takami into helping her get together with Mayaka, who she has a crush on. When Mayaka learns of her trick, she challenges Takami to a sex match, the winner being whoever can make Hiroe climax. They are stopped, however, by the landlady, Yayoi, before she joins in on the fun.
Episode 3
Hiroe is possessed by a succubus who uses her body to rape the other residents. A futanari exorcist named Mia Chigusa is called to exorcise the succubus from Hiroe and trap it in a blow up doll.


  • During the SoftCel release, Episode 1 was done with English dialogue. The remaining two were left in subtitled format.
  • The new DVD version from Critical Mass has a new cover, a new voice cast, a cel gallery, outtakes and English translation for all three episodes, including the Alternate English version ADV recorded.
  • The name Nageki no Kenkō Yūryōji came from a song recorded by J-pop band FAIRCHILD. Aguda wanted that song to be used for the anime, but they regretfully declined, leaving the music director to record an original synthesized instrumental theme.


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