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Magnus Bjorndal (September 13, 1899 – January 23, 1971) was a Norwegian American engineer and inventor. Magnus Bjorndal was the founder and president of Tech Laboratories, Inc.[1]


Magnus Bjorndal was from Ulstein in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. He held degrees in both electrical and mechanical engineering. Mechanical trade school at Porsgrunn (now Telemark University College) in Telemark county, Norway. He also studied at the Hindenburg Polytechnicum in Oldenburg, Germany. At age 24, Magnus Bjorndal came to the United States during 1923. He studied electrical engineering at Brooklyn Polytech (now Polytechnic Institute of New York University).

Magnus Bjorndal served as chief engineer of The Daven Radio Company, an electronics manufacturer in Newark, New Jersey. Subsequently he was the founder and president of Tech Laboratories, Inc., which was incorporated in the state New Jersey on January 30, 1947. Tech Laboratories developed the initial test and control instruments for the NBC Radio City Studios in New York City. Bjorndal personally held a number of United States patents for scientific and technical instruments.[2][3]

Magnus Bjorndal was a member of American Institute of Electrical Engineers, American Association for the Advancement of Science and Audio Engineering Society. Magnus Bjørndal served as editor of the Norwegian-American Technical Journal. He was president of Norwegian-American Historical Association (1969–1971).[4]

Selected listing of patents[edit]

  • Terminal For Resistors – Patent number: 1971809, Filing date: Oct 28, 1929, Issue date: Aug 1934[5]
  • Variable Speed Gearing – Patent number: 1883500, Filing date: Nov 24, 1930, Issue date: Oct 18, 1932[6]
  • Electric Hydrometer – Patent number: 2071607, Filing date: December 13, 1933, Issue date: Feb 23, 1937[7]


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