Mago (album)

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Studio album by Billy Martin & John Medeski
Released 10 April 2007
Genre Jazz
Label Amulet Records

Mago is a jazz album released by Billy Martin and John Medeski of the jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood. Mago was recorded over two days in July 2006, and was produced by Martin. The duets album features Martin on drums and Medeski on Hammond B3 organ.

Billy Martin and John Medeski performed material from Mago at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2007.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Introducing Mago"
  2. "Crustaceatron"
  3. "Mojet"
  4. "Apology"
  5. "Bamboo Pants"
  6. "Thundercloud"
  7. "Bonfa"
  8. "Safak"
  9. "Miss Teardrop"
  10. "Sycretism"
  11. "L'Aventura"

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