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Magpie may refer to:



"True" magpies, four genera in the bird family Corvidae:

  • Pica, black-and-white magpies, 1–4 species, Northern Hemisphere
  • Urocissa, blue magpies, five species, S-SE Asia
  • Cissa, green magpies, three species, E-SE Asia
  • Cyanopica, azure-winged magpies, two species, Iberia and East Asia

Other Corvidae:

Bellmagpies, songbirds related to Corvidae in family Artamidae or Cracticidae, namely:

Songbirds unrelated to Corvidae:

  • Magpie-lark or Murray magpie (Grallina cyanoleuca), a black-and-white monarch flycatcher from Australia
  • Magpie-robins (Copsychus), 8 species of long-tailed turdoids from the Indian Ocean region
  • Magpie starling (Speculipastor bicolor), a black-and-white starling from Africa
  • Magpie tanager (Cissopis leveriana), a black-and-white tanager from South America

Other birds:

Butterflies and moths[edit]

  • Magpie (butterfly), the milkweed butterfly Protoploea apatela from the New Guinea region
  • Abraxas grossulariata, a moth in the family Geometridae, called the magpie in Great Britain and Ireland
  • Eurrhypara hortulata, a moth in the family Pyralidae, called the small magpie in Great Britain and Ireland
  • Nyctemera amicus, a moth in the family Arctiidae from south-east Asia and Australasia, sometimes called the magpie moth
  • Nyctemera annulata, a moth in the family Arctiidae, called the magpie moth in New Zealand


  • Magpie cat, a bicolor cat with irregular black-and-white spotting
  • Magpie perch or magpie morwong (Cheilodactylus nigripes, a fish of family Cheilodactylidae)



  • HMS Magpie, one of eight Royal Navy ships that have been given this name

Sports clubs[edit]

Various football clubs may be known, formally or informally, as the Magpies:



United Kingdom

United States


Popular music[edit]

  • Magpie Records, British record label set up in 1976 by Bruce Bastin
  • Magpie Lane, English folk group, based in Oxford
  • Magpie, an American folk duo formed in the 1970s



  • "Magpie", a song by The Mountain Goats on their album The Sunset Tree
  • "Magpie", a B-side song by the English rock band Blur on their 1994 single "Girls & Boys"
  • "Magpie", a song by Patrick Wolf on the album The Magic Position
  • "Morning Mr. Magpie", a song by the English band Radiohead on their 2011 album The King of Limbs
  • "Magpie to the Morning". a song by the American folk singer Neko Case from her 2009 album Middle Cyclone


See also[edit]

  • "The Magpies", most famous poem by New Zealand poet Denis Glover (1912–1980)
  • Magpie Recycling, workers' cooperative based in Brighton, UK
  • Montrose Magpies, fictional British quidditch team from the Harry Potter book series
  • The Magpie's Nest, English fairy tale collected by Joseph Jacobs
  • The Other Magpie, a woman of the Crow Nation of Native Americans who fought in the Black Hills War