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The Magpie Café
Magpie Café, Whitby.jpg
Restaurant information
Established 1937
Food type Seafood (fish and chips)
Street address 14 Pier Road
City Whitby
County North Yorkshire
Postal/ZIP Code YO21 3PU
Country England
Coordinates 54°29′21″N 0°36′54″W / 54.489199°N 0.614917°W / 54.489199; -0.614917Coordinates: 54°29′21″N 0°36′54″W / 54.489199°N 0.614917°W / 54.489199; -0.614917

The Magpie Café is a seafood restaurant in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. It was established in 1937,[1] but its building dated back to the 18th century, when it was a merchant's house.[2][3]In the small town you’ll find the quaint restaurant with world renowned notoriety call. It’s uniqueness lies in "Fish to table" freshness as they have a partnership with local Fishery Lockers Fish to provide the fish right off the boat to the table.[4]

The restaurant is well known for its fish and chips; it was described by celebrity chef Rick Stein as "the place that opened my eyes to how good a chip shop could be"[5][6] and as a "bloody good fish and chip shop".[7] The restaurant also won a Coast award for being best fish and chip shop of 2007.[1][8]

The restaurants it’s in a building that was originally built in the early 1800s it’s been in existence since the 1970s owner Ian Robson has kept it’s charm and looks throughout the years.[9]

Prides themselves in their quality seafood dishes and chowder.

Head chef Paul Gildroy said: “We are always looking at what other chefs are doing but without copying , we put our own spin on things and create our own dish.[10]

Magpies is a Must Go restaurant when you’re in the town of Whitby many patrons were devastated during the fire in 2017 which could’ve ended the iconic restaurant with is seven usual about the situation is that they were actually two fires but took place within a 24 hour. The ownership was determined not to just shut the doors and worked diligently to rebuild, some of the dishes that are well known to travelers and locals are the fish and chips and the Magpie fishcake.

Magpie's is not your fancy white table cloth dining but that is not what you’re looking for when you come to dine in Whitby.  Its old rustic appearance and charm is shown through the whitewashed brick exterior and sturdy furniture.  Its casual atmosphere and dining rooms tucked throughout several levels gives the restaurant a family feel.  It wouldn’t be out of the norm to find children roaming and folks share conversations with others in the dining room.[11]  

The restaurant has faced complaints from local businesses for its long queues.[6][12]

It is currently closed following two fires on May Day weekend 2017.

Main Dishes[edit]

Fish And Chips[edit]

If you are ever in Whitby, this is the place to go to if you want some fish and chips. The menu is large and filled with every conceivable way to prepare fish. Whether it is fried, poached, seared, grilled or over rice, the quality is outstanding. What is so comical is that outside of the culinary creativity of the menu, people line up for England’s famous Fish and Chips and Magpies is second to none in their fame for this country favorite. Magpie's Fish and Chips is synonymous with Peanut Butter and Jelly. The Iconic Waterside village restaurant is a favorite of all those seeking the Best of the Best Fish and Chips.[13]

Magpie's Traditional English Favorites[edit]

The aroma of traditional steamed puddings such as jam roly-poly fill the air. The restaurant features over 30 delicious deserts selections as well. Fish and seafood creation are the Chef's specialty and they are known for their huge portions. Stay posted on there Facebook page and Twitter for updates. As so many people are disappointed, that the restaurant has not been open during there visit to Whitby. [14][15]

Fire of 2017[edit]

The Famous Magpie Restaurant caught ablaze in May 2017. What is unusual about all of it is that it started on the second floor in the Men's Bathroom and engulfed the roof and then hours later a 2nd fire broke out. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the restaurant should be reopened in December of 2017.[16]

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