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Maidenwells, Pembrokeshire

Maidenwells is a small village located 1.6 miles south of Pembroke in Pembrokeshire. The earliest reference to Maidenwells is 'Mayden Welle' in 1336. The population is currently around 300.

Maidenwells gets its name from the natural well in the centre of the village. It was thought to have been visited by maidens in connection with a fertility rite. The well still exists, but is located on private property and is somewhat overgrown.

In the past, the village had a public house, post office and a petrol station - but all had disappeared by 1982. The village has a chapel - Gilead Calvinistic Methodist Chapel - which was completed in 1876.

Maidenwells is a quiet village. However, the unclassified road that runs through the village is used as the main route to the Valero oil refinery and Pembroke Power Station. The refinery and power station currently sends over 5,000 additional vehicles through the village each day.

Due to increasing volumes of traffic, a new road bypass is to be built to the north of the village.[1] However, the chosen route will cut through the centre of the village and will pass within a few yards of several existing homes. A roundabout will also be built, resulting in the demolition of two cottages. Construction of the new road (option 1) is scheduled to begin in early 2013.


Coordinates: 51°39′25″N 4°56′13″W / 51.657°N 4.937°W / 51.657; -4.937